Monday, June 26, 2006


Well, it was tough, it was a challenge, but we finally climbed to the very top of Snowdon!

As you may know from my blog post last month, the Blockbuster crew of district 52 attempted to climb Snowdon, but weather conditions meant it wasn't possible. However, this time round I wasn't even a member of the crew, I was a mere civilian, but it didn't stop me having fun with the gang.

First off I should mention that we started the climb at 11:30am on the Thursday, and that I had been up since 9:30am on the Wednesday, so that made things a little more interesting.

The climb itself started very steep, and most of the crew were finding it tough from the get go. They'll hate me for saying this, but I found the climb up great fun, and didn't really start to feel the burn until the journey back down. One person who was finding it a little tough was my friend and ex-assistant manager Dru. I stuck with her for moral support and we had a good old laugh, that's when we had enough breath to that is.

When we finally reached the top there were some stone steps up to the plaque that sat at the very top. Normally I would have said no to the steps, especially seeing as visibility was next to zero due to the cloud around us, and that there was no railing and that it was slippery. But I had come this far, and powered up the steps. We hugged the plaque, and I could have kissed it, but decided against it. Getting back down the steps was the amusing part. Dru was a touch scared and decided to go back down them on her ass. I just powered down them, and gave a huge sigh of relief when I reached the last step.

Now was the journey down, which we had planned to use the railway for, but surprise surprise, it was closed! On the walk down we met up with all the other members of the crew. We were so glad that everyone was going to make it to the top, as some were struggling, but we all did it!

The evening was alot more quiet that it had been the last time, due to the fact that almost everyone was pretty much destroyed. Nearly everyone was in bed by 11:30pm, but a few of us stayed up for longer, and all I have to say is...

"I NEVER ..."

The beautiful plaque at the top of Snowdon, that I almost kissed Train heading up Snowdon The misty mountain The bunk cabins that we stayed in twice, a home away from home

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well, my exam results are finally in. Here's a quick rundown.

  • Modelling Multimedia Information - 73%
  • Algorithms and Data Structures - 62%
  • Modelling and Simulation - 90%
  • Marketing Principles - 53%
  • Usability Engineering - 62%
  • Computational Perception - 83%
  • Aggregate Mark - 72.3%

Some of the marks were not what I was hoping (such as my piss poor marketing result), but as long as my average is above 70% I'm happy. Well on my way to a first class degree.

Now all I've gotta worry about is my placement year.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Well, at long last I have started driving lessons! My first lesson was on Monday. The first half of the lesson was basically going over the controls and some safety aspects. Then came the actual driving. I only bumped the curb a couple of times, but other than that the lesson went very well I think. However, I was pretty terrified.

I've been planning on doing driving lessons for a while now. Originally it was because I wanted to get to a particular remote location on a regular basis, but now it's because it will help if I can drive for my placement that is starting in September. I don't think I'll pass my driving test before then, but I might, fingers crossed.

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