Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Well, at long last I have housemates, yay!!! After almost 2 months of living on my own it's great to have some hustle and bustle.

Moreover, I have now started my placement. Basically I'll be working at 2 schools in the Woking area as an IT Support Technician. In the mornings I'll be at a primary school, and at a secondary school in the afternoons. However, on the first day I did nothing, as when I got to the school there was no one there, and after ringing both schools with no response I decided to call it quits and head on home. Today was much more eventful though, plenty of things to do at both schools.

Also the driving lessons are going well, 23 so far, and I have my theory in a couple of weeks. Getting to work will be so much easier once I have a car, I'm looking forward to it.

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